Trump’s immigration policies are arguably the darkest part of his presidential legacy. The “Zero Tolerance” program was created to destroy migrants through any measure outside direct extermination, from forced sterilization in ICE facilities to handing undocumented children over to sex traffickers (Sherman, 2020, Huetteman, 2016).

It’s a good thing that Democrats protested against Trump’s rabid cruelty; if anything, they should have pressed him harder. Unfortunately, the norms of mainstream discourse in this country forbid liberals from sounding “soft on immigration”. Any Democrat who wants the backing of the party should ignore the fact that “tough” policies often crash local economies…

When it came to foreign policy, Trump’s time in office drove mainstream Democrats to schizophrenic paradox. All four years the same perspective echoed out through CNN and MSNBC and bounced around the cavernous skulls of knee-jerk liberals. Trump was an unprecedented threat, a conniving new Hitler one step away from forming a full on fascist dictatorship, while simultaneously a coward on foreign policy, a push-over who needed to get tough on leaders like Putin. According to the liberal media, it was a national disgrace that Tump focused more on milkshakes than CIA paramilitary operations during his time in office (Alexander…

One of the more bizarre aspects of American culture is the personification of corporations. Brands are intimately equated with personal identity; no matter how massive the corporate entity, we love to imagine that the people at the top are, basically, just like us, and in turn carry the same values and norms that we do. This delusion is not totally our fault; corporations savvily work to engender emotional connection to their products in the public. No examples of this have been more grotesquely cynical than the world’s biggest corporations latching onto progressive social movements and attempting to leech away goodwill.

The storming of the Capitol Building by a right-wing mob this week has been dominating headlines and fueling a broad array of discourse across social media. Debates over how the riot should be analyzed within the context of four years under Trump and an upcoming power transition have been debated fervently. I would argue that the raid on the capital by the strike-force of Constitution Dads and viking cosplayers can be best understood not as a coup or insurrection but as a manifestation of the spectacle politics which have infected both conservatives and liberals in this country.

The field of…

Heckling the Void

Pacific Northwest based independent writer. Twitter: @harshnoisedog

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